Monday, 16 December 2013

"Elysium" Chemrail

This will be a quick update, as I didn't take too many screenshots of my progress.

Here's a high-poly sculpt with polypaint:

 And here's the normal bake on top of the diffuse map!

Monday, 2 December 2013

"Elysium" Airburst AK-47

Working on a mod for ArmA 3. Here's the start of the weapons system.

 Here's the AK-47 (Type 2) without the airburst rangefinder.

Here's the AK-47 with the rangefinder. This really ties the piece together in my opinion. Clocks in at about 9k tris.

I went back and revaped the stock, too. Looks a lot nicer!

Here's the hi-poly sculpt for normal projections.

Here are the normal projections:

Here's the final model and renders! Looks great, in my opinion. That was probably the quickest I've ever created a weapon. So now I know: it takes about three days from concept to finish for me to complete a single weapon.

Friday, 25 October 2013

"Hangman" Operator

For the last three days I've been working on this sculpt: 

The final two may not look as aesthetically pleasing, but they were what I was going for.

 Worked on the body armour for the past few days. It's a bit of an on-and-off project, but I'm determined to finish it. The mag-pouches are a bit hit and miss, but that's alright. 

I also created a PRC-343 radio to fit in Hangman's radio pouch.

Some more detailing! Finished the set of boltcutters and some of the smaller details. The  fabric on his backpouch doesn't hang with me (no pun intended). Gonna change it around some.


Here's a further update on the model. I created a Z-111 headset and Ops-Core Ballistics helmet. Also uploaded my radio/comms model.

All of these were modeled in maya and then imported into zBrush for detailing/remeshing. The helmet took a little bit longer because of the complex shapes involved.

Click the images to enlarge them!


Here's a cavity-render of the model without the man. Sorta like a ghost!

The knife pouch is something I'd like to change. Perhaps to something hardsurface like the thigh holster. You can see this in better detail below.

The aforementioned SERPA holster can be seen here. Pants are looking a lot nicer, although I need to push the folds some more.

I've definitely come a long way since the start of this year, especially if you look down at my "rebel" model. Sheesh.

That said, this isn't perfect and I still have a ways to go. Not bad for a kids work, though!

The entire sculpt is clocking in at 5-6 million polygons (quads) at the moment. That's decent considering the sheer amount of ztools I'm using and the resolution at which I'm sculpting at (about 5 subdivision levels per object).

I'll upload a spoken work-in-progress sometime in the next few days. Just showing my workflow and some of the assets developed.

Namely the helmet, holster, and headset. Boy do I love those assets.

Probably going to chuck them up on TurboSquid for free once they're retopologized and textured.


Another WIP shot. Finished the tactical shades and some NVG monoculars.

So, I looked at these monoculars. They aren't the best I can do. I need to really push myself on this model. So I created some GPNVG-18s. 

A real three-hour job, from reference to finish. 

Here's the hangman so far:
 It has taken a while to get to this point. I still need to fix the pants and stuff.

Almost done. Just gotta add some magazines to the uniform and some more patches. Then it's onto the guns. In the first image you can see the new watch and updated folds/uniform. He's definitely a lot more fleshed out now!


Here you can see the updated chinstraps and some other neat stuff like mags in their respective pouches!

I developed a bunch of new assets over the last few days. I also fixed up some old ones. Here we have the Traser NATO watch, some nice looking tactical glasses, the makeshift boltcutters, and some magazines for Hangmans HK416 and P228.
I have begun work on the HK416. The weapon is done, now all I have to do is the attachments.


To cap this guy off I'll upload a final render. This has changed his look slightly, namely to make his legs look a bit more interesting.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Anatomy - The Hike

So I posted that astronaut to polycount and recieved numerous critiques about how it didn't look the best. "Fair enough" I say. Taking that criticism in stride, I moved onto making a face to show some more of my ability in the facial sculpting field.

There's plenty wrong with it, but when you consider my past endeavours I'd say it's a step up.

To cut this short, I'm going to start studying anatomy. I purchased a copy of Eliot Goldfinger's Human Anatomy study for Artists, so now I've got to put that money to good use!

It's time to train my eye and hand, folks. This is going to take a couple of years, but hopefully there's some solid improvement in the first few months.

It's time for the hike.


Made a skull to start off my anatomy course today. Plenty of work needs to be done on it for it to even be considered "final", but for a 3-hour sculpt I'd say it went okay.

Another update of the skull (as well as my layout) below.

Worked on a female face on the weekend.


Beginning work on "Hangman", a model based on one of my friends military uniform "kits". 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Astronaut Facial Study WIP

Working on this on the side. An old model I busted out a few months ago in an effort of studying certain elements of a face. He's deliberately goofy and cartoon-looking.

 Here's my previs sketch of the Astronaut.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Practicing UDK - "Airport" Environment

So I started building assets for my airport scene.

Just testing stuff at this stage. Nothing final. Both clock in at about ~1000k tris. It's a bit expensive but I'm sure UDK can handle it. Also developed spec, diffuse, and normal maps for each model. 

It took about 45 minutes from start to finish, a nice little time frame!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

C17 Globemaster

WIP C17 Globemaster (Low-poly)

I will progressively update this one.

The stores and flaps are easily manipulated, which would (in theory) aid in animation.

Final passes. Damn, this took a while. About five days on-and-off start to finish. Not my usual time frame. However, I'm very pleased with the results. Only ~6.5k tris, with modular UV maps. The hardest part was fitting it all into one map, as well as finding images for the interior. 

For a detailed look at the model, click here!