Monday, 2 December 2013

"Elysium" Airburst AK-47

Working on a mod for ArmA 3. Here's the start of the weapons system.

 Here's the AK-47 (Type 2) without the airburst rangefinder.

Here's the AK-47 with the rangefinder. This really ties the piece together in my opinion. Clocks in at about 9k tris.

I went back and revaped the stock, too. Looks a lot nicer!

Here's the hi-poly sculpt for normal projections.

Here are the normal projections:

Here's the final model and renders! Looks great, in my opinion. That was probably the quickest I've ever created a weapon. So now I know: it takes about three days from concept to finish for me to complete a single weapon.